Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship Fund

2019 Application for Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship

I. General Information

The University Club of Boston’s Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship Fund was founded in 1977.  Since its inception, the Scholarship Fund has awarded graduating seniors from Boston's Charter, District, and Pilot Public High Schools scholarships for up to $20,000 to be used over four years of college.  To date, well over 100 Future Leaders of Boston scholarships have been granted. 

The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance, through need-based scholarships, to graduates of Boston Public High Schools to help cover gap-funding needs.  Recipients of the scholarships will have distinguished themselves academically and through service to their community and will also have demonstrated their potential to be a leader.

The Future Leaders of Boston Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of the University Club’s membership.  If you are a member of the University Club and are interested in learning more about the Scholarship Fund, please contact Susan Passoni at scholarship@uclub.org.

II. Scholarship Application 

Every year, guidance counselors of all Boston Charter, District and Pilot Public High Schools are invited to encourage seniors to submit a complete application for the Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship. In January, the scholarship applications are sent to the guidance counselors and are also available for download here. 

Scholarship applications should be filled out and sent electronically to: scholarship@uclub.org.  Applications are due early-to-mid April.  Winners, or Future Leaders of Boston Scholars, are chosen in May.  Scholarship awards will be presented in June at the annual awards ceremony held at the University Club.  

Students must include the following information with their application: 

  1. Official High School transcript, 
  2. SAT and Achievement Test scores,
  3. Student Aid Report (SAR) 
  4. An essay on leadership and
  5. Letters of recommendation (from faculty members, community leaders, etc.) 

III. Scholarship Selection Criteria

The Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship are awarded based on objective, nondiscriminatory criteria outlined below.  It should be noted that the criteria serves as a guideline for the selection of each year’s scholarship recipients but no one criteria will be weighed more heavily than another as the candidate’s merits are considered as a whole.

  • Leadership: Candidates should demonstrate strong leadership ability and character, and possess a desire to set precedent and be a role model amongst their peers and in their communities.
  • Community Service: Candidates should demonstrate a history of commitment to community service as well as a desire to continue that commitment during and after college.  
  • Academics: Candidates should have a history of academic performance that demonstrates their ability and desire to complete a college education and obtain, at a minimum, an undergraduate degree. A candidate’s grades, college entrance exam scores, and teacher recommendations will all be considered in assessing a student’s academic prowess.
  • Financial Need: Candidates should have a financial need with respect to the costs of attending college, which cannot be met by their families’ expected contribution, financial aid, grants, or loans.  In addition to tuition, books, room and board are included in the college costs. 
  • Extracurricular Activities: Candidates should be well rounded and demonstrate an interest in sports, the arts, or other extra-curricular activities.

After thorough review of all submitted applications, a group of finalists are selected and invited to the University Club for an in-person interview with the Scholarship Committee. Scholarship recipients are then selected based on their application and interview. 

IV. Terms and Conditions

Upon accepting a Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship, recipients must meet the following requirements every semester they are eligible to renew their scholarship funding:

  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0;
  • Students must be enrolled each semester as a full-time student;
  • Students must complete a renewal application each semester and submit official proof of enrollment and their GPA and
  • Students are required to submit a written update once a year together with their renewal application that discusses their college experience.  

V. Ambassador Program

Upon being awarded a Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship, each recipient will be assigned to an Ambassador who is a member of the Scholarship Committee. The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide our scholars with a point of contact at the University Club to answer any questions related to the scholarship program as well as act as a general resource for scholars who may have questions about their education or careers.  Scholars are expected to remain in contact with their Ambassador at least once during each semester and Ambassadors should be copied on all correspondence with the University Club, including the submittal of their renewal applications.  

VI. Scholarship Fund Establishment and Tax Deductibility

The University Club Scholarship Fund was established by a Declaration of Trust in 1977. The Trustees of the Trust are the President, Treasurer and Secretary of The University Club. The Scholarship Fund is currently exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as a public charity. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are deductible as charitable contributions under the Internal Revenue Code. If you are interested in speaking with someone regarding planned giving, please contact Club Manager, Neal Vohr, at nvohr@uclub.org. 

VII. Scholarship Fund Board of Directors 

Susan Passoni, President
Ed Serues, Vice President
Paul Dutton, Treasurer
Kate Bradley, Co-Clerk
Emily Stone, Co-Clerk
Jay Bride
David Crane
Conrad Ello
Carter Hempleman
Abby Johnson 
Ginger Parker
Martha Payne
Dave Poltak
Corey Schafer
Jeff Struzenski

VIII. Future Leaders of Boston Scholarship Award Winners

2018 Amin Abdi - Boston International High School, Class of 2018; MCPHS, Class of 2022
Amanda Baldner - Boston Collegiate High School, Class of 2018; Babson College, Class of 2022
Christian Canales - Tech Boston Academy, Class of 2018; UMass Amherst, Class of 2022
Julia Mei - Boston Latin Academy, Class of 2018; Northeastern University, Class of 2022
Yalena Terrero - City on a Hill Charter Public School, Class of 2018; Union College, Class of 2022
2017 Nathan Camilo - Boston Collegiate High School; Dartmouth College - Class of 2021
Mia Correia - City on a Hill Charter Public School; Colby Sawyer College - Class of 2021
Connor Daly - East Boston High School; Boston University - Class of 2021
Carmelissa Norbrun - Boston Green Academy; Gettysburg College - Class of 2021
Khanh Pham - Excel High School; Boston College - Class of 2021
Diana Pizarro - Boston Latin Academy; UMass Lowell - Class of 2021
2016 Michael Bolstad - Boston Collegiate Charter School; Brown University - Class of 2020
Handy Dorceus - Boston Latin Academy; Tufts University - Class of 2020
Angel Morales - City on a Hill Charter School; Providence College - Class of 2020
Mauricio Reyes - John D. O'Bryant High School; UMass Lowell - Class of 2020
Antonia Rocchio - Boston Latin School; Villanova University - Class of 2020
2015 Payton Coutlis - Boston Latin Academy; Harvard University - Class of 2019
Briana D’Amelio - East Boston High School; Suffolk University - Class of 2019
Kelsey McColgin - Boston Collegiate Charter School; UMass Lowell - Class of 2019
Derlin Tejeda - Boston International High School; Fisher College - Class of 2019
Janel Grace Williams - Match High School; Wellesley College - Class of 2019
Zeyu Zheng - John D. O’Bryant High School; Boston University - Class of 2019
2014 Benjamin Haideri - Boston Latin Academy; UMass Amherst, Class of 2018
Brooke Hilliard - Boston Collegiate Charter School; Dartmouth College, Class of 2018
Wilna Paulemon – Boston Latin School; Tufts University, Class of 2018
Regenie Tee – East Boston High School; Boston University, Class of 2018
2013 Nikiander Pelari - Boston Latin Academy; College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2017 
Adaeze Nduaguba - John D. O’Bryant School of Math & Science; Dartmouth College, Class of 2017 
Brianna Venus - City on a Hill Charter School; Barnard College, Class of 2017
2012 Joana Rosa - Madison Park High School; Regis College, Class of 2016
2011 Randy Coplin - Boston Latin School; Connecticut College, Class of 2015 
Nurta Ibrahim – Madison Park Tech Vocational High School; Suffolk University, Class of 2015 
Jonathan Romero - Brighton High School; University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Class of 2015
2010 Kayla Mendonca - John D. O’Bryant School of Math & Science; Boston College, Class of 2014 
Mitsouka Exantus - Boston International High School; Assumption College, Class of 2014
2009 Eric Santana – Brighton High School; Mass Bay Community College, Class of 2013 
Christina Moriah Smith – Boston Latin Academy; Wellesley College, Class of 2013
Jerrilyn Alvarado
2008 Onyemaechi C. Onyekwu – John D. O'Bryant School of Math & Science; Boston University, Class of 2012 
Adeoye Owolewa – Boston Latin School; Northeastern University, Class of 2012
2007 Hui Feng – Boston Latin School; Harvard University, Class of 2011 
Antionetta Kelley – Fenway High School; Smith College, Class of 2011 
Svetlana Virovtseva - Boston Latin School; Boston College, Class 2011
2006 Nathan Allukian, Jessica Fan Qu and Helen Wu
2005 Kowsar Haji, Yuanjian Li and Burton Shen
2004 Bieta Andermariam, Ugonna Onyekwu, LaurenTran and Anne Wu
2003 Alexandra Allukian, Natasha Leary and Nhung Tran
2002 Erica Hardin and Michael Moore
2001 Pei Ling Xie and Adebola Owolewa
2000 Kim Duyen Ngo and Chidumga Onigbo
1999 Char-Reece Burton and Lindsey Elder
1998 Louis Carter and KishaLynn Moore